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Silver Linings LIVE

Your complete fitness and wellbeing experience.

Silver Linings LIVE brings you the ultimate digital fitness and wellbeing studio to help you feel Incredible.

  • Daily LIVE sessions and catch-up feature
  • An incredible on-demand library + weekly fresh drops
  • 10+ disciplines including Barre, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Meditation & more
  • Our amazing community
  • Personalised support from our world-class experts
  • A complete holistic wellness experience

Exclusively SL Barre

£ 26 per month

7 Day Free Access

    7 days free access to all Barre session

    Access to all LIVE Barre sessions + 48 hour catch up feature

    Access to an On Demand library of varied and dynamic Barre sessions

    Expert-led sessions and curated playlists

    Beginner Barre, Pre/Post Natal Barre, Barre Cardio, Advanced Barre & Stretch

    New content added regularly

Complete SL LIVE Monthly

£ 40 per month

7 Days Free Access

    7-day free access to everything

    LIVE classes throughout the week + 48 hour Catchup feature

    Huge library of incredible videos and new content added weekly

    Curated programmes & challenges

    Digital Retreats

    Workshops, Masterclasses & Challenges

    Access to expert advice and tailored programmes

Complete SL LIVE Annual

£400 per year

7 Days Free Access

    Same Access As SL LIVE Monthly

    2 Months Free

    Consultation with our Nutrition Expert

    VIP Access to SL Retreats and Events

Your Experience

Our holistic health platform features experts ready to guide you to optimum wellness whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toe in or a seasoned expert ready to take it to the next level.

As well as LIVE and on-demand sessions, you’ll also experience unique live events, curated home retreats, personalised support and advice and access to our amazing community of like-minded wellness lovers. 

Silver Linings Wellbeing isn’t just a workout, it’s a complete wellness experience (and all you need is a mat).


SL Live has been such a brilliant find. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting quality classes but at a time that suits them


My go-to for online home workouts, with everything from high energy classes to relaxing sessions. I feel so much better after only a few weeks.


I absolutely adore Silver Linings Live and can't imagine choosing anything else for my workouts. Expensive studio classes are well and truly a thing of the past! I highly recommend it.


I'm a beginner to yoga and my confidence is increasing with every class, the instructors explain everything thoroughly and clearly, it is like having your own PT with you!


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